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New Limited Specials for December 2022!

Introducing our newest limited specials, available at all RAKKAN Ramen locations starting, December 1, 2022! 

Spicy Curry Ramen

A return of one of our customer favorites, the Spicy Curry Ramen (Vegan Option Available)! Perfect for the colder weather, our Spicy Curry Ramen is aromatic, warming and savory with a refined blend of curry spice.

Made with our original RAKKAN Miso and Spicy Miso, then blended with spicy curry powder and our 100% Plant-based broth, this ramen is perfect for the spice lovers! Our Spicy Curry Ramen come topped with grilled pork, bamboo shoots and seasoned egg (or made vegan with shiitake mushrooms, corn and tofu).

If you’re looking for even more spice, try adding some RAKKAN Original Chili Oil to your ramen for an additional kick!

Vegan “Meat” Bao

Our newest limited appetizer is our Vegan “Meat” Bao! A pillowy, soft dough filled with savory plant-based “meat” and vegetables, this appetizer is perfect for dipping in our RAKKAN Original Dressing. 

This truly delightful bao pairs with any of our ramens and is especially the perfect appetizer for our Spicy Curry Ramen.

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