RAKKAN RAMEN - Tagline: Healthy and Tasty, Our ramen is made with 100% plant-based broth.

Top-quality Fermented Seasoning

Image photo of soy sauce

Soy Sauce

Traditionally aged, rich and flavorful Japanese Soy Sauce

Image photo of salt


Pure Rock Salt with specialized white soy sauce and Hon mirin

Image photo of miso


Umami miso made from mixing then fermenting several types of miso

Our Commitment to Sustainability

For World Vegan Day, RAKKAN Ramen planted one tree for each bowl of vegan ramen sold. In 2022 – 2023, we have planted over 1815 trees in our commitment to sustainability and are continuously working towards creating a better environment.

Authentic Japanese food, ready for the world

RAKKAN began as a small, 4-seater restaurant in Nishiazabu, Tokyo, in 2011. But our business had its eyes set on making real Japanese soul food on an international scale, hence our motto, Authentic Japanese food, ready for the world. Since the beginning, we struggled to consistently serve high-quality soup that would live up to both our expectations and our customers' standards, which created hardships along the way. Regardless, we have now expanded our business to multiple locations, allowing us to hone our craft to satisfy our beloved customers. Without the customer's support, we wouldn't have reached this point with our restaurant so we always appreciate their encouragement. 

Ryohei Ito
EST. 2011
Portrait photo of Mr. Ryohei Ito who is a founder and CEO of RAKKAN USA Inc.
Hyakumeiten Ramen Tokyo Logo
We are honoured to have been chosen a top 100 among 50,000 ramen restaurants in Japan by “Hyakumeiten”, one of the most popular Japanese food review forums.
Tabelog Japanese Restaurant Award #1 Mark
RAKKAN was awarded as the TABELOG BEST RAMEN in 2012 among 725,000 restaurants in Japan.
Washoku bunka Kokumin Kaigi Logo
Washoku has been honoured as a “precious, intangible, cultural treasure” by UNESCO in 2013. We as RAKKAN Ramen Japanese chefs will honour our culinary traditions and work to pass on the ramen cuisine to the next generation.