About our Founder and CEO, Ryohei Ito

Photo of Mr. Ryohei Ito who is a founder and CEO of RAKKAN USA Inc. is doing "Yugiri (draining hot water)".

Ryohei Ito

Founder and CEO

Ryohei Ito, the CEO and founder of RAKKAN, had a burning desire for a creative outlet from an early age. Growing up in Japan, he was inspired by his father’s innovative creations as a manufacturing company owner. Encouraged to be curious, express his creativity, and explore the world, Ito embarked on a culinary journey that would take him to extraordinary heights.

After completing junior high school, Ito knew his passion lay in the culinary arts. He enrolled in a specialized culinary high school, immersing himself in subjects like cuisine and creative design. However, it was his remarkable stint as a chef on a cruise ship operated by the global nonprofit organization, Peace Boat, that truly transformed his perspective. Working alongside 50 chefs from diverse backgrounds, Ito served over 1500 customers from all walks of life. This experience not only honed his culinary skills but also fostered deep connections with people from different cultures, fueling his desire to traverse the globe.

Determined to expand his culinary horizons, Ito embarked on a gastronomic odyssey, visiting over 50 countries and savoring countless cuisines. During his travels, he noticed a lack of authenticity in Japanese restaurants worldwide. This realization inspired him to bring the true flavors of Japan to the global stage, with ramen, Japan’s beloved soul food, as his chosen medium.

At the age of 24, hailing from his hometown of Tokyo, Ito took a bold step forward and opened his first ramen shop in Nishi Azabu, Tokyo. Starting with a modest four-seater bar, he pledged never to compromise on the quality of his ramen, sourcing only the finest Japanese ingredients. Through relentless trial and error, word began to spread about the exceptional bowls of ramen being served at his unassuming shop. Soon enough, lines formed outside his door, and media platforms began to take notice.

With each satisfied customer and every rave review, Ito’s culinary dreams reached their zenith. The world had discovered his commitment to authenticity, his dedication to quality, and his unwavering pursuit of excellence. Today, Ryohei Ito continues to redefine the ramen landscape, sharing the true essence of Japanese cuisine with enthusiasts around the globe through his beloved RAKKAN brand.

“After fulfilling my dreams, my future plan is to open up RAKKAN Ramen in places I aspire to and to share the greatness of Japan. I also aspire to bring positive influence to my team and the people I interact with.”