RAKKAN Ramen Plants Over 1000 Trees

For World Vegan Day 2022-2023, RAKKAN Ramen made a heartfelt promise to plant a tree for every vegan ramen ordered at any of our locations, partnering with One Tree Planted. Thanks to your incredible support, we’ve already planted 1815 trees in California, aiding in wildfire recovery, boosting biodiversity, and safeguarding precious water and soil resources.

Our sustainability journey doesn’t stop here; it’s an ongoing commitment. Your choice of our vegan dishes not only delights your taste buds but also contributes to a greener future. We deeply appreciate your support and vow to keep planting trees and promoting sustainability.

Join us in creating a world where vegan cuisine and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. Together, we’re making a significant impact—one vegan ramen bowl at a time!

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