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It’s Back! RAKKAN’s Asian Spicy Ramen!

Returning for a limited-time, our Asian Spicy Ramen comes with a kick of Thai Chili spice and is perfect as we go into the warmer Spring weather! Made with our specialty Salt Sauce and UMAMI Sauce and topped with cilantro, grilled pork, onion, bamboo shoots and seasoned egg, Asian Spicy Ramen packs a punch of flavor and spice!

Squeeze some lemon for some refreshing brightness and enjoy the heat of the Thai Chili. If you are feeling extra spicy, you can add some of RAKKAN’s Original Chili Oil for an additional kick to your ramen.

Asian Spicy Ramen is available for a limited-time starting April 1st, so don’t forget to try it on your next trip to RAKKAN Ramen.

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