1 year Anniversary for RAKKAN Long Beach!

The last year in November when we opened our restaurant in Long Beach,  it only allowed us to serve customers with outside dining and after 3 days of opening a strict lockdown was set in place, and were only to operate takeout and delivery orders.

Despite the Covid surge in this past year, It has been an incredible year of meeting so many customers in the community who are very new to RAKKAN and we were ecstatic to have a chance to provide our healthy and tasty ramen with 100% plant-based broth

At this celebration, we welcomed our first 50 customers with a free ramen bowl followed by a spin the wheel event, the gift card giveaway was heating up on SNS, and flyers were handed out to the community. At night we gave away another 50 free ramen bowls and ended the event with a  Japanese tradition “Kagami Biraki”. 

Performed at celebratory events in which the lid of the sake barrel is broken open by a wooden mallet and the sake is served to everyone present, Kagami Biraki represents an opening to harmony and to our good fortune.

We are extremely grateful for our customers and thankful for their support in past, present, and future patronage! Thank you again, RAKKAN fans, we couldn’t have done our first year without you!

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